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V1120 Virtex-5 FPGA XMC

The V1120 conduction-cooled XMC with its high-performance Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGA and memory architecture is intended to provide additional processing capabilities in embedded systems. It is ideal for highly ruggedized radar and signal intelligence applications.  The V1120 comes standard with expressXG Framework Lite, an advanced FPGA development infrastructure that gives programmers the advantage to develop  their own high-bandwidth applications rapidly and efficiently.  It supports PCI Express on Pn5 connector and XAUI on Pn6 connector. The V1120 is also available with udpXG, a high-performance UDP offload capabilities for real time 10 Gigabit Ethernet communications.

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  • User-programmable Xilinx Virtex-5 LX110T, LX155T, or SX95T
  • Built-in UDP offload engine for real time communication
  • Supports PCI Express and XAUI host interfaces
  • High performance SDRAM memory architecture
  • Thermal sensors for monitoring card temperature
  • Available in air and conduction-cooled XMC form factor
  • Combination of high performance FPGA and fast memory provides a powerful processing platform
  • Provides a bridge between PCI Express and 10 Gigabit Ethernet in highly ruggedized systems
FPGA Device Xilinx Virtex-5 LX110T , LX155T, or SX95T
Memory 2 banks of 0.5GB or 1GB 64-bit 266MHz DDR2 SDRAM
FLASH 2 32Mb memory for storing a default configuration image and a recovery image
Host Interface PCI Express x8 or XAUI on Pn5XAUI on Pn6
External Interface 42 single-ended user I/O on Pn4
Thermal Sensors 2 digital temperature sensors
Compliance VITA 42.3
VITA 42.6
Dimensions 74 mm (width) x 149 mm (length)
Power Requirements Maximum 12W
Temperature Operating: -40° C to 85° C
Storage: -55° C to 125° C